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Take Back Agile

17 Feb Take Back Agile

I have been an agilist for a long time. Approximately 15 years now. In the early days people just laughed at us. It started of as a thing for developers. Only the past four or five years it has grown to become something big. It’s considered mainstream now by many.

I can’t tell it has done the name ‘agile’ much good. Consultants and certificate horny people got attracted to it and that got worse when management bought into the some of the ideas. Some people really know what they are talking about and what they are doing, but many if not most don’t. The values that brought humanity to software development have been scrapped for mechanics, processes and certification.

We can do better. I value the agile manifesto over building a consultancy. I value real craftsmanship over certification. You get my point. I want our agile back.

Tim Ottinger (@tottinge –¬† and some other folks and myself started Take Back Agile. We’ve created a domain, claimed the twitter, created a Google Plus community and group. We are ready to discuss this and see where it will take us. It’s free. We do not start this discussion with the intention to make any money out of it. Let that be clear. We just want our agile back.

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